Friday, January 1, 2010

Ooops, I think I missed lunch

After my morning snack (roasted beet salad with feta, walnuts, celery, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar on top of quinoa) somewhere between 11am and noon, I went shopping with my sister and we had a blast. Very successful trip! Shoes, boots, organizing stuff, sweaters, and even some things for The H. But before we realized it, it was almost 4pm... and I hadn't had anything but a few almonds since 11:30 or so. Lucky for me, I discovered that TJMaxx sells Lara bars at the checkout. So I had my first one ever, cashew with dates, and chased it with a bottle of water. It wasn't a gourmet meal by any means, but it was tasty enough and held me over 'til an early dinner shortly after 5. I just might need to get a few and stash them in the car or my purse. I can't remember the last time I skipped a meal!

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