Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

Lunch today was a gorgeous frittata with homemade chicken apple sausage patties made from ground chicken, apple, and onion from last month's co-op pickup. The eggs, potatoes, and arugula in the frittata were local as well; I guess that will count as my DDC meal; too bad I wasn't prepared with the camera!

After grocery shopping we had leftovers for dinner and I did some prep for a few meals, which included roasting and peeling three huge red bell peppers, de-flowering a gigantic head of cauliflower (I seriously almost needed two hands to lift it), and making a batch of guacamole since the jalapenos I had were getting wrinkly. Guess that's what happens when you stash fresh produce in the pantry and forget about it. What I didn't use for the guac I chopped and put into the wells of an ice cube tray to freeze for later use.

My meal plan for this week may look a little sparse; that's because The H is heading out of town for work mid-week, and I tend to either make things he doesn't like or scavenge the leftovers (hooray for a freezer stash!) for dinner.

The peppers I roasted are for lunches or a light dinner after a run one night. I've had these roasted red pepper sandwiches on my "to make" list for ages now. Instead of the ciabatta bread, I bought a seedy whole-grain loaf to use. Other meals are as follows:

- BBQ chicken breasts, roasted parmesan broccoli, brown rice (I'll make extra for other uses)
- Branny's baked cauliflower and vanilla-bean roasted squash
- Jenn's turkey bolognese with rice pasta spaghetti, gluten-free breadsticks (made from Bob's Red Mill pizza crust mix), spinach salad
- And I'm hoping to bum a meal off my sister one night if/when she watches the little guy for me!

In my freezer stash I have chicken stew, beef stew, minestrone soup, sloppy joe filling, black bean burgers, tofu burrito filling, edamame, and countless frozen fruits (for smoothies) and veggies (for ad-hoc soups). If my household is going to die of starvation, it won't be this week.

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