Monday, January 4, 2010

I ate my three!

I've recently been flipping through some back issues of Clean Eating Magazine (and something else, but I forget what it was) and read that if one can only eat three servings of fruit per day, they should include a berry, a citrus, and one other fruit of choice. And today, I did just that.

My morning snack was an apple and cheese, I had half of a grapefruit in the afternoon, and just now polished off a bowl of semi-thawed frozen blueberries and organic nonfat vanilla yogurt (YUM, btw). Additionally, I had some dried cherries and raisins in my granola, and a smattering of cranberries in a piece of bread I shared with my son. My vegetable intake probably set some personal records, too. Over the course of the day, I've had:

Edamame, beets, celery, carrots, parsnip, onions, spinach, two kinds of beans, and tomatoes. Gotta love soup for dinner! If you need to increase your veggie intake, there's nothing easier than a big bowl of soup. Dinner tonight was Quinoa Minestrone from CE Mag, which I will post--with pictures--as soon as the camera battery is charged.

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