Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Kiwano! (kee-WAH-no)

Ever heard of it? It also goes by the name "horned melon," although this funky little fruit is far different from any melon I've ever had.

The H put this in my Christmas stocking. It's kind of been tradition for us to exchange fruits every year, and this time he really stumped me with this one.

We looked it up in my Cook's Handbook and also online, where I learned to expect the inside to be gelatinous, green, and full of edible seeds. Various sources will tell you this has a flavor similar to cucumber and banana. I found it to taste... green.

Given two choices for how to eat this (in vertically-sliced wedges, or in half with a spoon) we chose the wedge option and added it to a plate of citrus fruit. This accompanied a spinach frittata for lunch this past weekend.

The little guy was a trooper and gamely tried a wedge...

It's a go!

Who likes kiwano?

We do! My sister, the little guy, and I appreciated it more than The H. The Jello-like interior was not a pleasing texture for him. It's very slurpy. It isn't something I'd snack on daily, but it wasn't *gross* either in taste or texture. A fun experiment. :) You can read more about this colorful fruit here, if you are interested.

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