Sunday, January 9, 2011

Unplanned meal plan

The H was supposed to be traveling this week, and I had a great idea for my meals this week with that in mind--more on that later. Anyway, I had to come up with an H-friendly plan sort of at the last minute. Here it is:

Sunday - gluten free pizza at the corner pizza joint! A new acquisition for them.

Monday - broccoli soup from this recipe with grilled cheese sandwiches

Tuesday - chicken and brown/wild rice in the slow cooker with roasted butternut squash

Wednesday - flank steak fajitas using beef from the co-op

Thursday - out with The H, who wants to go new-suit shopping

Friday - roast chicken with carrots and potatoes (whole chicken from the co-op)

Saturday - breakfast for dinner--a frittata? I have a few ideas in my Google Reader...

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