Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Greening my cleaning

Remember a few days ago when I posted about how eating clean inspired me to live a greener lifestyle in general? I'm excited to report that I've really been working on this. I used my new mesh produce bags at the grocery store, have been toting my stainless steel water bottle everywhere, unearthed the biggest stash of cloth napkins I never knew existed in my house (38 and counting!) and just today purchased some sample-sized Dr. Bronner's soaps for use around the house. I have a metal mesh can in the kitchen for tossing used non-paper towels, I bought a washable cloth mophead for using on my existing Swiffer, and we're expecting a delivery of Charlie's laundry powder any day. It makes me feel good knowing I am creating less paper/packaging waste and also treating our environment--both my little house and the world at large--just a little more kindly. The fact that it's going to smell good in here rather than singeing our nose hairs with the scent of bleach and Tilex doesn't hurt, either.


  1. Hi, Kate! Did you buy the mesh produce bags somewhere locally? I'd love to get some.

    ~ Keri/Kasa

  2. Keri, I got them from etsy, but the seller wasn't local. It was amkdesigns, and I love them, but maybe a local-handmade search would yield something similar. I didn't realize I could search locally before I bought them.