Thursday, September 10, 2009

OTRA: Day 12

Almost there! Two more days...

Breakfast: Small green monster. I hate getting a mouthful of mushy banana chunk at the end. :( Must remember to blend longer.

Exercise: 30 minute run with the stroller. Lost my hat and my sunglasses; was thankful for cloud cover today! Sun came out as we were finishing. Used the resistance band for my arms while baby napped. We also walked to the drugstore (1.5mi round trip) to get my prescription after lunch.

Snack: Pink Lady apple, two hard boiled eggs (did not eat most of the yolks--too dry).

Lunch: Two pieces leftover organic veggie pizza.

Snack 2: Honey nut Chex and some skim milk while I made dinner.

Dinner: Spicy black bean soup (black beans, the leftover bean dip I made earlier this week, green chiles, corn, onion, fresh tomato, chicken broth), chips + salsa, slice of watermelon. My son had a blast gnawing on the watermelon rinds (yes, we gave him some actual melon, too) and enjoyed the soup more than I thought; we added milk to it to cut the spice.

Snack 3: Three teeny brownie bites from happy hour, 1/2 glass Merlot, and half of a Trader Joe's 72% dark chocolate bar we brought with us. The H had the other half.

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