Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello, Fall!

This is my most very favorite time of year, ever. The hoodies and jeans, the crispy leaves, the apple orchards, the hearty casseroles (made cleaner, of course) and CrockPots of soups and stews... everything about the season delights me, except for the fact that winter follows so closely.

I celebrated the occasion with a steaming bowl of turkey chili--complete with two kinds of beans and double the tomatoes (one can was pureed to make it saucier). The seasonings I used today were just right; not too spicy and not bland at all. A delightful way to kick off the season! Tomorrow I'm packing up the baby and planning to peruse the farmers' market. I've never been this late in the year and am hoping to find some good early-fall produce to incorporate. I feel like we haven't had much really *fresh* stuff lately. Maybe THIS will be the year I learn to actually enjoy squash! Here's to hoping... and Happy Fall!

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