Friday, September 11, 2009

OTRA: Day 13

Last full day here in TX!

Breakfast: Small green monster. Added too much peanut butter and not enough ice. And STILL had banana chunks.

Exercise: 60 minute run (yes, finally!) with the stroller. We did incorporate some walk breaks. Getting out the door earlier than previous days allowed us that extra time before my diapered running partner got tired. I did some core work when he was napping. It poured rain all day after this, so we didn't get to do any walking like we normally would.

Snack: Two pieces Ezekiel toast with cheddar, two scrambled eggs, and a smear of Greek olive hummus. Really delicious! Also had my coffee with skim.

Lunch: My post-run snack was so filling that I wasn't hungry for more than four hours afterwards. So unlike me! When I did eat, I had a mug of leftover spicy black bean soup. Yep, still spicy. The corn is my favorite part. I don't know why I don't stuff like this at home more often. It would be a great candidate for the CrockPot and easy lunch leftovers.

Snack 2: My three remaining Honey Stingers (yum) and 1 Ghirardelli dark chocolate square.

Dinner: Another pizza from our new favorite, the organic-and-all-natural place. Tonight mine had BBQ sauce, chicken, pineapple, mushrooms, and red onion on it. As the "personal" size is roughly equivalent to two regular slices, I also had the last piece of The H's gluten-free pie with pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage on it. Salad just wasn't doing it for me tonight, though I did have a few bites (spring mix, portobello, green pepper, tomato, Italian dressing).

Snack 3: A piece of The H's gluten-free brownie from the pizza place and a small mug of decaf with skim.

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