Sunday, September 13, 2009

This week's meal plan

Here's what I have on the list this week:

Chicken apple sausage salad - with smoked chicken apple Chardonnay sausage, spinach, spring mix, yellow bell pepper, Pink Lady apple, gorgonzola, toasted walnuts, hard boiled egg, tomato, and lemon-dijon vinaigrette

Chicken cacciatore - with chicken thighs, Trader Joe's sauce, curly rice pasta, and a side of sugar-snap peas

Wild rice salad - with leek, orange bell pepper, chicken breast, sweet onion, tomato, corn (if I have some in the freezer), basil, and a rice vinegar/oil dressing

Stir fry - with chicken tenders, broccoli, sweet onion, carrot, and white bell pepper over brown rice or spaghetti rice pasta

BBQ chicken - with brown rice and a spinach salad (spinach, hard boiled egg, walnuts, dried apricots, gorgonzola)

Frittata - with spinach, tomato, cheddar or gorgonzola, and maybe served with oatmeal-applesauce pancakes if The H doesn't think the eggs will be filling enough (those would also make great leftovers for a quick breakfast)

Turkey chili - with ground turkey, sweet onion, canned tomatoes, and kidney beans OR we can make nachos out of the turkey, using flax chips, taco seasoning, salsa, black beans, and shredded cheddar

That gets us Sunday through Saturday, hopefully with some leftovers for lunches. Before we went to TX I froze some tofu-veggie burrito filling, so if that thaws well I plan to have some in a whole-grain wrap for a lunch or two, leaving the fresher leftovers (and those not made of soybeans) for The H. I'm also planning to make a double batch of granola, hummus, dried black beans in the CrockPot (a first for me!), a big pot of brown rice, and a small batch of yogurt cheese for using as a veggie dip or sour cream substitute. This week's plan doesn't have any new recipes on it, just variations on old favorites, but that may change if I find something great in one of my books/magazines.

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